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Arctix Women’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

5.00 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings
9 Review(s)



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Arctix fabric technologyArctix fabric technology

ThermaTech and ThermaLockThermaTech and ThermaLock

Women's Winter ClothesWomen's Winter Clothes

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November 28, 2022

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#15 in Women's Clothing

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47,651 ratings

10 reviews for Arctix Women’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

  1. BeckieMcL

    I am really impressed with these. I normally wear a Medium and these fit true to size for me. They are comfortable, waterproof and durable. I wore them in the snow twice already they work well and kept me very warm! They performed like snow pants I’ve tried that coat twice the price. Highly recommend these!

  2. fresh rain drops

    5’4″, 140-145 and got a Large short – plenty of room around waist to move and for layering. Ladies, if you want to be comfortable out playing with your kids in the snow, walking your dog or shoveling snow without having to worry about your pants falling down, I highly recommend these overalls. Let me preface by saying that first I bought the pants style by Arctix, and while the quality of both is comparable, the fit of the pants was just off and not comfortable – too tight in the waist and hips, although I did order a medium in those, compared to a large in the snowpants. These snowpants seem really good quality and WARM. Plus the fit is great – LOTS more room in the waist and hips. I don’t have time for feeling bloated and uncomfortable with a tight waist on top of being cranky because it’s -40 with windchill.

  3. JeannetteJeannette

    I. LOVE. THESE.Bought for myself for an upcoming winter vacation. Decided to try them out early and they are great! Not too bulky, easy to move in, comfortable. Elastic goes around boot easily. Zip sides at ankles. Size chart is accurate. I had to adjust the straps on delivery but they have never slid since. Wore shoveling snow a number of times, and in the mushy stuff I still stayed dry and in the VERY cold and windy weather my legs stayed warm. Not too hot! Wiped down the inside with some antibacterial soap to smell nice and fresh. Love the fit at the waist. Easily fit into my backpack with room to spare. If these go back on sale I am buying at least one more pair!! And I didn’t even go on vacation yet…

  4. Debby Shipman

    If you are on the fence about ordering these don’t be, they are so warm and comfortable, they are very well made I have to admit I was very skeptical due to the price, my husband even commented on how well they are made and the fit was amazing I’m 5’4” weigh 145 bought the medium short they fit over my leggings and sweatshirt with room to spare the length was perfect 29” inseam. I put them on immediately and tried them out it’s 1degree here now and I have to say they kept me very warm I walked around for about 10 minutes and felt no wind, cold or breeze, definitely worth buying if your looking for bib overalls to keep you warm. A plus they are actually very stylish and cute not bulky at all.

  5. StinkerBell

    Only worn these once so far. It was in the low to mid teens out, about 7 inches of snow(wasn’t rolling around in snow). Kept me warm and dry. I’m almost 5’10”, about 165lbs, prefer my pants to have at least a 33 inch inseam with 32 as a bare minimum before it gets to be too short. I was going to order a large or XL in long, but went with a 1X regular size due to the dramatic price differences. Lengthwise, it’s a perfect fit. Little big in the upper chest area, but that’s fine I can wear bulkier clothes if I wanted to that way. The crotch hangs really low though lol. And if I pull them up, they get rather short. So it’s not bad, it’s just kind of an awkward feeling till I get used to wearing them. I’d much rather they be a bit bigger than too small. Had no problems bending over as I saw in another post. They are big and bulky and do make the swishing noise; brings back childhood memories for me getting bundled up in snow pants. Not sure on the material, but it’s definitely different then ones I had as a child. Two zip pockets on the sides, zippers at the feet, and had the cuff at the foot for putting around a boot to keep snow out. But those were kind big rather than stretchy so they didn’t help much in that regard. Overall very happy with these. Hope they hold up good.

  6. Julie

    I am 250 lbs. 5 ft. 10 and shaping like Bob. Yes, Sponge Bob, you know square pants! The snow bibs fit perfectly. I ordered 3X and I can move comfortably because of the extra stretch. I am too heavy with broad shoulders as well so the adjustable straps are nice too. Quality material, warm and thick but easy to move around in. I ordered to “used tried-on, like new” condition at a bargain price but will be ordering again soon, even if I have to pay regular price because these are still less expensive than anything I tried on at out local farm stores, and other retailers. 5 stars for sure

  7. HollyB

    I’m 5’7” and 155. I ordered a large tall. The bib was still too short for me and was digging into my crotch area. Unfortunately I have a longer than average torso, but not abnormal. I can’t wear one piece swimsuits bc of it, but was hoping the bib with the adjustments would work, but it didn’t.The material was great and my legs instantly got warm, just didn’t fit me well. I went with their brand of ski pants instead of bib and they fit great.

  8. Gem

    I bought one on sale for about $30 just to try for really cold farm work days. The Carhartt stuff is so heavy and expensive. I was wearing a heavy down coat and thick sweat pants but my legs and feet were still freezing. I could immediately feel a wonderful difference in these when I walked outside. Easy to put on, easy to move around and bend down. Very comfortable and lightweight. Easy to adjust straps and elastic on sides. I don’t have to worry about waist band fit or sliding down. Outside fabric feels sturdy enough to hold up to my typical farm work without being heavy or stiff. Deep pockets. (I wish all pants would start making long square thigh pockets for these heavy stupid phones that don’t fit well in typical pockets and phone hurts bending at the waist. Half the time pulling my pants down.) These are a little long on me but I prefer that to being too short. Inside liner and side zipper for boots. Insulated panel covers some of back and also adds warmth without jacket. I went with large size to cover heavy sweat pants and keep clothes clean in mud, hay, dogs, cows, etc. Immediately got very warm with my heavy coat, could use a lighter coat or none with these! I love them! I spashed some water on them just to see and it rolled right off. Hard to say how they will hold up with multiple washes but well worth the money even if I buy more. I left the top unzipped a bit like the beautiful model photo. I would like to have a little shape at the chest to not feel mashed. (And I don’t have a large chest.) I would probably prefer the label wasn’t right at the chest, lining was puckered out a little further than the outer fabric at the label. Wish I had these a long time ago! Much better and warmer than another brand of snow pants I bought at a local store that were not warm, soaked in rain, and slip off my large butt everytime I bend down. These are more durable than the high priced ski suit I worked in for years but still comfortable and warmer.

  9. The Bustling Beagle

    Okay, fellow snow warriors, gather ’round because I’m about to spill the beans on the Arctix Women’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls – aka, my secret weapon against winter’s chilly conspiracy! ❄️🕵️‍♀️First things first, these bib overalls aren’t just winter wear; they’re a fashion-forward statement. Move over runway models; the snow-covered catwalk is mine! 💃❄️Now, let’s talk warmth. These overalls have more insulation than my grandma’s stories about walking to school in a blizzard – and that’s saying something! Toasty level: Expert. 🔥🌨️The fit? As snug as a bug in a rug, but without the rug. I can frolic in the snow without feeling like a marshmallow – win-win! ⛄🤷‍♀️The adjustable straps are like a gift from the snow gods. Whether you’re channeling your inner Olympian or just strolling to the mailbox, customize away, my friends! 🏂📬Pockets! Let’s talk about them. So many pockets, it’s like having my own personal snowmobile dashboard. Room for snacks, lip balm, and even a motivational squirrel – because why not? 🐿️❄️But the real MVP move? The boot zippers. I can suit up for winter faster than you can say “penguin in a snowstorm.” Fashion AND efficiency – I call that a win-win-win! 🐧❄️So, whether you’re hitting the slopes, building snowmen, or just wanting to look like a snow goddess, these overalls are the unsung heroes of winter fashion. Five stars for being my cold-weather confidante! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Get ready to strut your stuff in snow-covered chic, my winter warriors! Happy bib overall-ing! ❄️👢💃 #SnowFashionista #BibOverallBabe

  10. angelarbeasley

    Like a dummy I just decided to go to CDL training, trucking school in the dead of winter. It’s been 8° in Ohio in the yard in the morning and I had to stand out there in it for hours waiting on my time to get inside the truck.I told my sister what I was doing and she had a pair of these pants, bibs or whatever you wanna call them and she gave them to me to borrow. I was so warm and comfortable. I ended up buying my own pair and giving hers back to her because she’s a school bus driver, and she needed them for the winterSince I have also use these when I’m out fishing in the winter. They are the bomb easy to clean, fit well, durable, and super warm.I can’t believe they cost less than $40. I told all the other students on the yard about them and they were like damn they only cost 30 some dollars and they keep you warm? I’m like yes, get you some!

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Arctix Women’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

5.00 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings
9 Review(s)